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Janson Bridging Events Bridges

Janson Bridging rents and sells standard modular bridge systems for heavy transport and passenger transport throughout Europe. Our employee at the branches know the rules and laws of the country and keep this in mind in the advisory process, thus you will never be taken by surprise when applying for any permits. The bridge solutions can be used as construction bridges, events bridges or as traffic bridges. Because of the diversity in standard modular bridge systems and solutions, there is almost always a solution possible for you.

Janson Bridging's events bridges consist of smart modular systems where the construction time and inconvenience to the environment is limited to only a few hours. Creating a ground level or separate level crossing is realisable through the application of variable support towers.


Any stairs are available in 2 variations: A steep staircase of 40 degrees or a leisure staircase of 25 degrees.

Crowd control:
The configuration and walking width of a pedestrian or bicycle bridge is to be matched to the expected flow of people. Therefore, the standard Janson Bridging events bridge is offered in standard bridge element widths of 2, 2 ½ or 3 metres wide. By using different kinds of bridge systems, larger widths are also easily realisable.

There are valid regulations on (temporary) construction buildings since June 2014. The regulation is included in the N-EN 1090 and also applies to (temporary) bridge systems. The consequence class and the execution class of the (temporary) bridge is an important condition. The Janson Bridging modular bridge systems are supplied in accordance with the N-EN 1090. In addition, Janson Bridging offers its bridges according to the latest version of the NEN-EN 1991-2 (EUROCODE) Testing of the steel beam superstructure in accordance with the NEN-EN 1993-2 (also the latest version).

Janson Bridging has its own engineering firm where each variety or special requirement can be designed. The bridge solution is supplied with a 2D or 3D drawing. The included calculation shows how strong the bridge is, the where and how of the interplay of forces in the bridge, and whether it complies with the prescribed standard. Should a permit be necessary, this information will be sufficient.

Posting a message on the events bridges is quite possible. The temporary events bridges can be decked out completely or only partially with plating or fabric with your message or advertisement. Janson Bridging can help you in selecting, supplying and applying the materials.

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